Viviane Aires



“As a Brazilian native, I learned early on that self-care is a sacred act from my mother. She taught me the importance of beauty through healthy habits. I believe that anyone can achieve beautiful, radiant skin through a commitment to self-care. As an esthetician with over 16 years of experience, I intuitively take time to understand the needs of my clients and approach each skincare regimen very unique. I look forward to helping you realize your skin health goals. Inside and out.”

Viviane has had a life-long commitment to learning and guest experience. She received her formal esthetic study and training from LT International School and her postgraduate esthetic diploma from International Dermal Institute. She has trained under Dr. Susan Taylor -one of the leading dermatologists in skin of color concerns and treatments.

She has traveled internationally and nationally to some of the best spas in the world (Tahiti, Panama, Canada, California, New York, Chicago, Seattle, etc…) as a representative for internationally recognized skincare companies to train estheticians on products and treatment methods. She has in-depth knowledge of both European and holistic treatment approach.

She is specialized in skin of color analysis and treatments, aging skin management, acne treatments and pigmentation concerns. Viviane is also a specialist in waxing. Of course, as a Brazilian, she will guarantee that her clients will always receive a 100% authentic Brazilian wax.


PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE: How Philly’s Best Esthetician Gets Her Skin So Glowy: Vivane Aires

I decided to get a classic facial with Viviane Aires. She asked a few questions and took the time analyzing my skin before just getting straight into it which was greatly appreciated! She also explained the products to me as she used them In case I wanted to purchase them afterwards. I walked in with dehydrated skin and walked out with dewy glowing skin. Definitely a “no make up needed” look. I would highly recommend her! She’s very gentle with your skin & even humorous! I decided to give it a day before writing a review to see how my skin would react. Second day it was still just as glowy, no allergic reactions or outbreaks (my skin usually reacts immediately). Emily G.

I have been a client of Rescue Spa for a number of years. For the past year, I’ve had the pleasure of receiving regular services from Viviane Aires. In sum, her work is “magic.” Viviane’s recommendations and skills have taken my beauty game to the next level. I have dark, sensitive, dry skin which she treats with care and confidence — and regularly receive compliments on my “glow.” Teresa A.

Getting facials at Rescue Spa and using their line of products has hands down been the best investment I’ve ever made in my self-care and skincare routine. I’ve been going to Viviane for about 8 months now and my skin has totally transformed. She is extremely knowledgeable and talented and has shared great insights and recommendations about my skin. My original plan was to only get facials leading up to my wedding, but I don’t think I’ll ever want to stop! The fix-it-all is my favorite. Totally worth the price tag. ” Robin S.