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Our signature massages are the perfect choice for those looking for supreme relaxation + rejuvenation. A variety of options (all ah-mazing!) ensures an experience tailored exactly to your personal needs.

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LED Body

The LED Body Treatment delivers the benefits of light therapy into your skin’s deepest layers. Hyper-customized to your unique needs, this pain-free treatment helps to reduce inflammation relieving discomfort from arthritis, joint stiffness and general muscle tension. LED is also beneficial in boosting collagen production and is excellent for treating acne and boosting circulation.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage

Our classic, most popular full-body massage is the answer for those looking to fully unwind. Through long, flowing strokes + a mix of firm and gentle pressure, you’ll experience lymphatic drainage, detoxification, and pure relaxation, consider this eight hours of sleep in massage form!

Deep Tissue Massage

Sore, tired, or tense? This massage is for you! Focused + intense, it provides targeted relief to the deepest layer of fatigued, tight muscles. Following this deep tissue experience, you’ll notice a marked change in how recharged, loose, and limber you feel.

hot stone massage at Rescue pa

Hot Stone Massage

For those looking to decrease stress, tension, and stiffness, our detoxifying hot stone massage is exactly what you need! Heated massage stones comfort + radiate warmth, as well as increase blood circulation throughout your body. Following this massage, you’ll feel deeply relaxed and re-energized, and doesn’t everyone need a little more of that?

prenatal massage at Rescue Spa

Prenatal Massage

Created specifically for expectant mothers in the 2nd or 3rd trimester, this pampering massage combines a luxurious + intensely moisturizing treatment with proven techniques that improve circulation, ease muscle discomfort, calm the nervous system, increase positive energy, and promote peaceful sleep. (PS: We love it as a baby shower gift!)

Relaxation Room

Relaxation Room

Our Relaxation Room in Philadelphia is your private sanctuary to de-stress & detox. Your personal Infrared Sauna will help you unwind and improve circulation. Refresh using the hydrotherapy shower dosed to different pressure and temperature to reduce inflammation and relieve muscle tension. This combination will allow the body to release endorphins, guaranteeing that you leave feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

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