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Rescue Spa


Rescue Spa is a full-service day spa located in New York and Philadelphia founded by Danuta Mieloch. Skin care is her business, and Rescue strives to make clients feel their best through restoration and rejuvenation. After 14 years as a luxury spa owner, Danuta produces unparalleled results that keep people coming back for more time and time again. “What motivates and drives me is seeing the serious changes we can help people achieve,” she explains. “People have told us that their major skin improvements have bettered their lives – I never forget hearing that.”



Rescue offers a highly personalized, integrative and comprehensive approach to skin care and beauty, providing people with indulgent experiences at their brick and mortar locations as well as online at their e-commerce destination shoprescuespa.com. A Rescue facial, whether with Danuta or one of her rigorously trained estheticians, includes a thorough diagnosis of your skin as well as analysis of your lifestyle and the subsequent effects on your visage. Rescue’s Skin Care Experts go through extensive training to consult and advise clients on the products that are best suited to each individual’s needs according to their skin’s current state. The skin is an organ that is ever changing based on environmental, internal, hormonal, and dietary factors. Rescue Spa guides clients through the constantly evolving, sometimes challenging, and at times overwhelming world of skincare and beauty. According to Danuta, “For the first half of your life, you get the skin you were born with. But for the second half of your life, you get the skin you deserve, and I created Rescue to show you how. We aspire to assist skin to function at its most optimal form, and thus the best version of itself.”



With over 30 years of experience, Danuta’s technique and passion is what truly sets Rescue apart. She takes a full spectrum approach, combining the most natural of ingredients while also welcoming advanced technologies for a truly trendsetting environment. Products at Rescue are pure, concentrated, innovative, and as natural as possible, and are paired with the latest technological advancements including Microcurrents, Microdermabrasion, IPL, LED, IonixLight, MOXI and eMatrix. Danuta transfers this extensive knowledge and skill set to her team through expansive continuing education programs and hands on training – “we are all constantly studying the skin!” Because of this, she has the utmost confidence that every member of her staff can provide superior service. “As humans we communicate through our skin,” Danuta explains. “Touching and feeling is a remarkable gift, and that’s where Rescue methods can help balance and provide essential care.”



Rescue Spa’s spacious and luminous locations in the heart of both New York and Philadelphia offer a variety of services to make it your one-stop beauty haven. Whether you want to set yourself on the path with a new skincare regimen, pop by for one quick appointment, or treat yourself to a decadent day of services, you will find it all here. State of the art offerings include facials, massage, body treatments, a nail lounge, hair services, brow grooming, laser hair removal, and more all alongside expansive specialized skincare and beauty boutiques. One visit will have you feeling a serene and timeless sense of luxury, and will encourage you to take some time for yourself.



Rescue strives to set trends in terms of self-care, offering a unique and special five-star head-to-toe experience. The spa’s business was built upon creating the perfect, most sought-after facials in the industry. More than just facials, these transformative treatments work cumulatively over time to provide lasting and time-reversing results through deep-cleansing, exfoliation, Rescue’s renowned sculpting and lifting facial massage, treatment masks, and more. Body treatments include nourishing and supremely relaxing massages of all types, scrubs and wraps, as well as cutting edge technologies such as laser hair removal, LED Body for full body relief + collagen production and VelaShape® III for cellulite. For nails, all manicures and pedicures for both men and women use products that are formaldehyde and paraben-free, keeping in mind Danuta’s mission for Rescue. Hair services focus on offerings to keep locks healthy and well maintained, since as one of the most noticeable yet often over-processed assets it can always use some TLC. Last but not least, those looking for some assistance from the art of color will be delighted to find a makeup artist offering touch-ups, full-face application, or instructional sessions to learn how to enhance your features, beauty, and style.



For those who cannot make it to New York or Philadelphia, you will be happy to shop Rescue Spa from the comfort of your home. The same adored products from Biologique Recherché, Valmont, Vintner’s Daughter, MBR, Oribe, and more are all available via your computer or phone. Rescue is not committed to one brand or even a handful of brands; rather, Danuta is constantly striving to offer simply the best of the best. Even better, Skin Care Experts are fully at your disposal for highly personalized virtual consultations on everything from developing the proper skin care regimen to their recommended treatments via online chat, email, or phone. Even if you are shopping online, the experience will be exactly as it is in the brick and mortar locations, where employees strive to spread the good word about products rather than simply close a sale. No matter where you are located, Rescue is driven to help customers get life-changing results. Shop for yourself or give a gift to a special friend!



It is not challenging to stay connected with Rescue. For the latest in beauty and wellness from Rescue’s renowned staff, be sure to visit their blog: www.beautyaficionado.com. Moreover, to deep-dive into the world of how-to and instructional videos, their YouTube channel should not be missed. Finally, be sure to like Rescue on Facebook and follow along on Instagram for all the latest happenings daily.



Rescue Spa wants to be your beauty haven. Now it is just up to you to prioritize yourself and your well-being. Let us show you the way.