Sylvia Sy



As a licensed esthetician, I am meticulously fully present in the art and craft of a skin treatment. I have progressively helped many men and women in age-prevention of all ages by understanding the stages of the skin and how it correlates to their lifestyle. Every little detail counts when it comes to revealing fresh skin inspiring a delivery of movements focused to refresh, energize and manipulate the face. My intuitive nature easily builds trust allowing every single moment to be comforting and secure.

In perfecting my techniques, I advance my skills be attending conferences and courses to have the ability to share the knowledge with clients allowing them to benefit from my experience. It is always best to receive dependable tips and achieve quality results so that the magic can continue at home.

Just like the phrase goes, “the eyes are the windows to your soul,” well, “your skin is the window to your health.” Understanding that skin health is not just limited to genetics and topical creams, “extrinsic aging” is a major factor which contributes to the acceleration of the aging process. What I am talking about is the combination of stress, food choices, sun damage, lifestyle habits and health.

Living with insecurities and struggles with my own skin for many years, I was determined to fix it. After carefully taking note of how my own skin reacts to stress and food, I realized that my skin is very responsive to the “extrinsic factors.” It was then that I became attentive to every move I make and started the age prevention process.

I committed to a consistent skin care regime and became mindful of my actions. Not only that my skin transformed but my life changed also. My stress level decreased significantly and overall health level increased. I make mindful healthy choices so my skin doesn’t react negatively to it. I was so happy to finally see results with my own skin, I was determined to share that excitement and knowledge to help others achieve the same results.