Susan Rosenberg

Massage Therapist


Throughout her 15+ year career, Susan has cultivated her healing and therapeutic skills by offering different massage modalities including, but not limited to: Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, reflexology, pre-natal, myofascial, Thai, hot stone, and manual lymphatic drainage.

Whether her client seeks relief from chronic tension or pure relaxation, Susan facilitates the therapeutic process with intelligence and insight, using an understanding of body mechanics, the function of muscles and how healing happens. She is adept at listening to her client’s needs, taking into consideration their lifestyle, work habits, posture, and how they manifest in the body.

Susan’s massage therapy career was originally motivated by the events in September 2001 when she felt the need to take an active role in the healing community. She is excited and inspired by the care and soothing of others.

Susan Rosenberg graduated from Pratt Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. She worked for several years as a graphic designer in both Manhattan and Philadelphia. Since 2005, Susan has maintained her National Board Certification in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork; she holds a current PA massage license.

In addition to practicing massage therapy, Susan is also a mother and an artist. In her free time, she pursues her love of photography, cycling, hiking, strength training, and yoga. Susan considers herself a life-long student in search of knowledge to help others heal.