Shatelle Wins



Shatelle believes that caring for your skin is not a chore or a luxury but rather a self nurturing ritual necessary for daily self care.

Shatelle’s love affair with skin began at the age of 12, when she accompanied her mother as a new Mary Kay Consultant to her very first party. As away to earn an allowance to buy products she continued assisting her mom as a co-party hostess. Unaware at the time that she would become a career skin therapist…Shatelle’s ‘s first lessons about skin were learned by filling in for her moms absentee guests. It was then that she developed an understanding of how to care for her skin. The number one rule was to follow a regimen day&night. A rule that she educates her clients to adhere by in order to achieve their best skin. Application consistency and quality ingredients are the keys to achieve healthy glowing skin.

Her passion for self care lead her to become a graduate of Atelier Esthetique in 2001. And throughout her career she has attended countless educational workshops. She approaches each treatment with a therapeutic and majestic touch.

Her current skin gang includes….
Lotion P50 PIGM 400
Amniotique E.
Serum 3R
Yall 02
Creme Aux Acides De Fruits
Retinol Serum 2


“Shatelle is amazing to me. I’ve had the pleasure of being her client for several years. I have suffered with cystic and hormonal acne, inflammation, and acne scarring for years. Shatelle was able to craft a regimen that has transformed my skin, boosted my confidence, and changed my life.” -Jennifer Curry