Jolanta Smusz

Lead Esthetician


Jolanta is a seasoned aesthetician with experience spanning over two decades. Originally from Poland, Jolanta’s journey in skincare began with a deep cultural appreciation for it instilled in her from a young age. Growing up, she began nurturing a passion that eventually led her to transition from a background in education to the world of aesthetics.

After immigrating to New York, Jolanta redirected her professional focus towards skincare. Drawing inspiration from her cultural roots and educational background, she excels in educating clients on optimal skincare practices, assuming a mentorship role in her interactions.

Throughout her extensive career, Jolanta has worked for esteemed aesthetic establishments including a plastic surgeon practice where she gained invaluable firsthand experience and insights into cutting-edge anti-aging treatments.

Her ability to cultivate meaningful relationships with a diverse clientele, including high profile figures, underscores not only her commitment to the craft but also her ability to create a tranquil and calming environment for her clients. Jolanta’s expertise has earned her features in publications such as Fitness Magazine and Beauty Aficionado. With her dedication to skincare deeply rooted in cultural understanding and education, Jolanta stands as a trusted professional in the industry, passionate about enhancing the beauty and well-being of her clients.