Ela Lewis

Lead Esthetician


Ela was born and raised in a village near the Masurian Lake District of Poland. She comes from a strong line of women with long-held traditions of homemade therapies, cures and natural cosmetics. As a result of her upbringing, she believes that healthy skin is achieved through thoughtful, thorough and balanced care. She understands the science of maintaining skin health and the important role of treatments that combine the best of what nature has to offer. Ela’s skilled hands are intuitive and masterful in the treatment she provides. She is patient and her approach is thorough as she is devoted to her clients and their skin care needs. She applies her talent and experience to cater to each individual. Through Ela´s unique touch and careful, trained approach, a natural dermal radiance and vitality can be regained.

Ela believes in non-invasive procedures that naturally trigger the body’s restoring processes by stimulating production of collagen in the body. Over recent years of practice, she has mastered: microcurrent treatment, laser therapy, and radiofrequency therapy. These methods help to jumpstart the skin’s healing process and they provide toning and tightening benefits that leave skin looking younger and brighter. Ela’s soothing rhythmic massage helps to stimulate natural lymphatic drainage while sculpting facial muscles; her customer’s skin has proven to become firmer and more uplifted in the process.

Ela moved on from her career as a lawyer in order to pursue her true passion in health and skin care. She has trained under the industry’s experts and has become an excellent esthetician. She is dedicated to her clients and is excited to share her knowledge to help them understand their personal needs. Ela´s drive and motivation for skin care are enhanced by her formidable training and natural intuition. Ela endeavors to lead each of her clients on a journey to cultivate nurturing skincare rituals in order to achieve natural beauty.