Danuta Mieloch



Born in Poland and trained in Paris under the esteemed Dr. Yvan Allouche, Danuta Mieloch is the celebrated esthetician and founder of the award-winning Rescue Spa. Her ethos, “beautiful skin is a matter of choice, not chance” is her trademark, widely lauded by her devoted clientele, who all agree that her waitlist is well worth the wait. Danuta’s extensive training, passion, and care, paired with the commitment to discover breakthrough, non-invasive treatments, continues to encourage women to take care of their skin for their overall health.

Before founding Rescue Spa, Danuta studied as a nurse alongside dermatologists in her native Poland, a country where skincare is valued as a science. She continued her studies in Paris with Dr. Allouche of Biologique Recherche and then honed her technique in New York at the Atelier Estheticque and International Dermal Institute, and at several of Manhattan’s best spas. Dedicated to her craft, Danuta continues to advance her education and evolve her services. With over 30 years of experience, her talent as an esthetician extends beyond clinical knowledge and skills; she has an intuitive ability to understand a client’s complexion and produce immediate and long lasting results. Whether the concern is acne, scars, dehydration, or aging, she has developed groundbreaking treatments and regimens to keep clients glowing.

The root of the Danuta Mieloch and Rescue Spa’s philosophy is in the art of the genuine. Mieloch takes great care when developing services and deciding on products utilized, respecting time-honored treatments while incorporating the latest in innovative wellness technology. Rescue Spa specializes in the world-renowned Bio-Lift Facial, a specialized facial treatment created and trademarked by Danuta Mieloch. It uses non-invasive electric microcurrents that deliver immediate results – including lifting, sculpting and firming. This is just one of the many specialized services offered at the spa. With a deep level of expertise and impressive product knowledge, Danuta personalizes each service provided. “Diagnosis of skin issues should not be quick and immediate,” Danuta explains. Rather, she collaborates with customers to develop trial regimens and procedures to help each achieve perfect skin. “I tailor and customize every treatment for each person,” she adds. “I passionately believe that prevention and maintenance are the keys to beautiful and healthy skin.”

Years of study and practice have led to the bespoke offerings and curated selection of treatments offered at Rescue Spa, all using products from like-minded manufacturers who have personally perfected their products over time. Mieloch carefully curates and hand selects these products, which include the highly specialized skincare range from Biologique Recherche, for which Mieloch serves as a brand ambassador for the US. Perfume, makeup, and haircare products are also curated by Mieloch, ensuring the best of the best is made available to Rescue Spa’s clientele. Rescue Spa is truly a five-star, one-stop shop for all beauty needs.