Skincare is a results driven journey. All it takes is consistency and patience with your skin.

Angel Amin



My mother was a cosmetologist, so my fascination with skincare started at a young age. Crafting my own skincare concoctions for both my family and myself became a personal endeavor. Encouraged by the overwhelmingly positive feedback and visible outcomes, I took a decisive step to enhance my knowledge. This led me to enroll at the esteemed Jean Madeline Aveda Institute with the aim of becoming a proficient esthetician.

To this day I love to expand my knowledge of skincare by taking continuing education classes one of which was a certification in microdermabrasion, a testament to my dedication in refining my skills. To me, skin is a canvas of stories waiting to be interpreted, which empowers me to deliver customized and personalized services to each of my clients. I approach each individual with confidence, assured that our initial session will unveil noticeable transformations.