MBR Medical Beauty Research is a luxury, medical-grade German skincare brand. The Brand was established by Will Hermann Watkowiak in 2020 with a focus on maintaining youth, remarkable pre- and post-procedure skin, and overall aesthetics.






At the heart of MBR’s philosophy lies a dedication to harnessing the latest advancements in dermatological research to address a diverse range of skincare concerns. Drawing upon a wealth of expertise in cellular cosmetics and biochemistry, the brand pioneers groundbreaking formulations that deliver visible results, promoting optimal skin health and vitality.



MBR Skincare Products


MBR’s skincare range is characterized by its emphasis on precision and efficacy, with each product meticulously crafted to target specific concerns and optimize skin function. MBR offers a comprehensive lineup tailored to meet the needs of different skin types and conditions.

BioChange – which focuses on regeneration and renewal. This range features potent formulations enriched with active ingredients such as peptides, growth factors, and antioxidants, designed to promote collagen synthesis, improve skin texture, and diminish the signs of aging.

BioChange CEA – is an innovative symbiosis between high-tech and nature‘s ancient secrets of strength, vitality and beauty. Environmental influences such as air pollution, smog, contaminants, air-conditioned rooms and substantial changes in our everyday UV exposure weaken the barrier function of the skin. The high concentration of pollutants in the air additionally increases the signs of aging skin: loss of moisture and elasticity, distinctive lines and wrinkles and pigmented spots. This is aggravated by a loss of vitality and radiance. MBR‘s BioChange CEA range offers powerful products with the best possible results.

CytoLine – is based on the multi-functional MPC milk peptide complex. The natural, biologically active polypeptides (cytokines) or signal molecules of essential importance in cell communication. They have controlling and regulating properties. They have a long-lasting impact on epidermal cell growth and reduce the visible sign of skin aging by stimulating the production of extra-cellular matrix molecules (collagen type 1) in the dermis, thus ensuring improved skin firmness and elasticity.

ContinueLine Med – offers a perfectly attuned, balanced skincare line for compromised, sensitive, lightly irritated, or very dry skin. Super gentle, non-irritating formulas moisturize, stabilize, calm, and protect the skin, restoring its physiological balance. At the same time, these formulas help to restore the skin‘s own immune and protective systems so that it can better handle damaging environmental factors and make tired-looking, stressed skin look refreshed and rejuvenated.

Pure Perfection 100 N – is a perfectly matched epidermal skin care concept with an intense combination of ingredients that additionally boosts the skin, in addition to optimal skin care, to perfect the skin care result. This luxurious beauty care is a gentle alternative to cosmetic surgery. It is also an effective treatment and extensive skin-care experience.

The Best Line  – The desire for a youthful appearance, firm and elastic skin, and defined contours is as old as humanity itself. Just as old: the quest for solutions to stop the aging process.
Modern technologies and innovative research make this dream come true now.


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