Biologique Recherche is a luxury French skincare brand founded in 1978 by Yvan, Josette, and Philippe Allouche a biologist, physiotherapist, and doctor. Biologique Recherche is a Rescue Spa cult classic brand and the cornerstone of our skincare treatments because of its reputation for effective and outstanding skincare products. The brand is now available in over 80 countries, where its treatment methods and skincare products can be exclusively accessed in the most select esthetic and medical establishments.




At the heart of Biologique Recherche’s ethos lies a commitment to personalized, results-driven skincare, epitomized by its concept of the Skin Instant©. This innovative approach recognizes that the condition of one’s skin is subject to a myriad of internal and external factors, necessitating tailored solutions for optimal results. Drawing upon a wealth of botanical, biomarine, and biotechnological extracts, Biologique Recherche formulates its products with an emphasis on potency and purity, boasting concentrations exceeding 20% in many instances.

Central to the brand’s philosophy is the steadfast rejection of synthetic fragrances, preserving the integrity of each formula while mitigating the risk of adverse reactions. Employing cold processing techniques whenever possible, Biologique Recherche maintains the original structure of active ingredients, ensuring maximal efficacy and bioavailability. This meticulous attention to detail extends to the synergy between products and proprietary treatment techniques, culminating in the renowned Remodeling Face® treatment renowned for its transformative effects.



Skincare Products

Biologique Recherche’s skincare products epitomize excellence and innovation, crafted with meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to unparalleled efficacy. Harnessing the power of botanicals, biomarine extracts, and cutting-edge biotechnological innovations, each formulation boasts a high concentration of active ingredients.

Biologique Recherche products meet specific criteria:

  • Use plant, biomarine and biotechnological extracts at very high concentrations – above 20% in most products
  • Rule out the use of synthetic fragrances, to preserve the integrity of the formulas and try to avoid any adverse reactions
  • Retain the original structure of the active ingredients as far as possible, by maximizing the use of cold processing in our formulas
  • Ensure the effectiveness of a Biologique Recherche product through the composition and quality of its active ingredients
  • Enhance the synergy between the products, our distinctive and original treatment techniques, and the Remodeling Face ® treatment for instant and exceptional results

Rescue Spa’s favorite and most recommended Biologique Recherche products are:

Lotion P50 – Often hailed as a facial in a bottle and holy grail exfoliating toner, Lotion P50 comes in various formulations tailored to different skin types. It helps to balance pH levels, refine pores, and improve skin texture, leaving the complexion radiant and smooth.

Masque Vivant – This purifying and revitalizing mask is adored for its ability to deeply clean skin, regulate sebum production, and promote a clearer complexion. Its unique blend of yeast extract, lactic acid, and soothing botanicals makes it a go-to for congested or acne-prone skin.

Crème Dermopurifiante – Ideal for oily or combination skin types, this lightweight yet hydrating cream helps to mattify and purify the skin while maintaining optimal moisture balance. It’s formulated with potent botanical extracts to clarify and soothe blemish-prone skin.

Serum Complexe Iribiol – This targeted serum is renowned for its ability to combat blemishes, reduce inflammation, and regulate sebum production. It’s formulated with a potent blend of purifying and astringent ingredients, making it essential for those dealing with acne or breakouts.


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Biologique Recherche Treatments includes a 3-Stage Methodology that is based on unique and personalized skincare protocols adapted to the Skin Instant© of each individual. These treatments for the face, body, and scalp – equally suitable for both men and women – comprise three principal stages:

  1. The Assessment Stage – Each facial begins with a comprehensive assessment, allowing highly trained Rescue Spa estheticians to discern the specific needs and concerns of the client’s Skin Instant©. This meticulous analysis forms the foundation upon which a customized treatment protocol is crafted, ensuring that every step is precisely tailored to deliver optimal results.
  2. The Initialization Stage – involves a series of preparatory steps aimed at priming the skin for the subsequent treatment. This may encompass deep cleansing, exfoliation, and gentle massage techniques, all of which serve to rebalance and revitalize the skin, laying the groundwork for optimal absorption of active ingredients.
  3. The Treatment Stage – targeted interventions are deployed to address specific concerns and optimize skin health. Drawing upon a rich repertoire of potent formulations, including the brand’s renowned range of serums, masks, and concentrates, the esthetician tailors each step to the unique needs of the individual’s skin. Whether targeting signs of aging, combating blemishes, or restoring luminosity, every product is selected for its efficacy and compatibility with the client’s Skin Instant©, ensuring a truly transformative experience.

At Rescue Spa, we offer the following Biologique Recherche Treatments


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