Sabina Johnson

NYC Esthetician Sabina-Johnson-2Our face is a mirror image of everything happening inside our bodies — this is the belief by which Sabina has perfected her craft.

Sabina was born in Russia where skincare captured her interest at a very young age. She has always been captivated by the marriage of science & magic — how our skin responds to various ingredients, how our cells have the unique ability to protect us from aggressive environments and are programmed naturally to work together for our own benefit. After passionately pouring over countless materials and scientific discoveries for her own skin, Sabina realized that she wanted to share this amassed expertise with others – helping meticulously craft personalized treatments to achieve the best skin conditions and appearance for each individual.

Sabina trained on the east coast and graduated from the French training inspired Yvonne De Vilar Scientific Skin Care Institute. After years of her own esthetician practice, Sabina went on to become a plastic surgery assistant. This experience reinforced Sabina’s passion for and belief in skincare with more non-invasive procedures. Always looking to take her expertise to the next level, Sabina has taken countless courses in skin care routines, attended seminars from world renowned skin care establishments, and followed both the most innovative, as well as tried & true, technologies in the field.

Confidence is absolutely beautiful, and for many, confidence starts with their skin. We are deeply lucky to live in a time where new technologies can prolong our skin’s life with various non-invasive procedures, building that stronger confidence for longer. Sabina has dedicated her professional career to helping her clients find what is best for their needs and to achieve that flawless skin everyone is chasing.