Shaniya “Venus” Jones (Massage Therapist)

Massage Therapist Venus-JonesGrowing up with two parents skilled in a variety of art, I grew to see beauty and uniqueness of hands in motion. So, it was quite easy for me to gravitate towards massage therapy.  I have been practicing massage for 10 years as it’s an ongoing learning experience.   I like to integrate several modalities of massage such as Swedish, Deep-tissue, Shiatsu & Hot Stones.  I also provide Pregnancy massage: And can vouch as a parent that prenatal massage is very very beneficial before… and after might I add!  I consider myself to be a caretaker and really enjoy making people feel good.


Annie R.
Philadelphia, PA
Ask for Venus for a massage. I’ve visited spas & resorts around the world and the massage I had by Venus was THE BEST one I’ve ever had. You’re welcome.”