Thomas Robles was born in The Bronx now residing across the river in Jersey City. He has been a professional Massage Therapist for since 1999 and graduated from the New York College of Health Professions in 1997. He loves what he does and his purpose is to be a healer, promoting the positive effects of therapy on the mind and body.

Book and experience a “tune up”, providing an invigorating combination of deep tissue, gentle stretching and sports massage perfect for fatigued sore muscles post-workout. He also works on repetitive strain, injury rehabilitation and range of motion techniques customized for leaving you feeling energized and aligned. Offering relief of migraines and tension headaches with a relaxation guided and focused treatment. Take an hour to escape the stress and gain balance.

Growing up with two parents skilled in a variety of art, I grew to see beauty and uniqueness of hands in motion. So, it was quite easy for me to gravitate towards massage therapy. I have been practicing massage for 10 years as it’s an ongoing learning experience. I like to integrate several modalities of massage such as Swedish, Deep-tissue, Shiatsu & Hot Stones. I also provide Pregnancy massage: And can vouch as a parent that prenatal massage is very very beneficial before… and after might I add! I consider myself to be a caretaker and really enjoy making people feel good.


Annie R.
Philadelphia, PA
Ask for Venus for a massage. I’ve visited spas & resorts around the world and the massage I had by Venus was THE BEST one I’ve ever had. You’re welcome.”

Mahlon Omlor has been practicing Massage Therapy for over 4 years with love for this craft.  Be it intense muscular work through Deep Tissue techniques or a session geared towards absolute relaxation, Mahlon strives to bring guests the physical, mental, and emotional relief they require.

Victor is a professional massage therapist with 11 years of experience who specializes in Swedish, sports, deep tissue, hot stone, etc. Highly skilled in intuitive massage which will help you find actual wellbeing, happiness, strength, and an overall abundance within your body. Also, medical massage and physical therapy have influenced him as he been expanding his knowledge throughout his years of professional practice.

Viktoriya is a caring Licensed Massage Therapist who is passionate about helping people find relief from chronic pain, injuries, everyday stress, stiffness and fatigue. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, and also began her Massage Therapy career in Ukraine for 5 years before moving to the United States, where she has continued her work as a Licensed Massage Therapist for the past 15 years.
Viktoriya is deeply committed to treating each client with integrity, care, compassion and to help increase healing and range of motion. From sports injuries, pain, poor posture, overuse, and tired bodies – each treatment is customized to fit the needs of the client to bring about the most optimal results during a session. She offers various massage modalities such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Hot Stone, Prenatal, Sports Massage, Cupping and Reflexology Massage.
Viktoriya passion is to help people feel better so they can be the best version of themselves.