“Your daily glow is best achieved with consistency and quality in mind.”

Monica McGrath



Monica is a licensed esthetician who specializes in imbalanced skin and building routines to prevent acne and aging. Born and raised outside of New York City, she was inspired by beauty, fashion, and interior design at a young age. As a teen, Monica experimented with illustration and painting, following makeup tutorials on YouTube, and concocting her own body scrubs and perfumes. Ultimately, her creative ambitions led her to the world of skincare and esthetics.

Monica approaches each treatment with purposeful intent — her ultimate goal is to provide a uniquely tailored experience to meet each client’s desired outcomes. In an industry with so many products and approaches, Monica strives to educate her clients on how they can best achieve their daily glow with quality over quantity in mind.

Outside of her work at Rescue Spa, Monica enjoys sharing her skincare and beauty expertise with her online community through Newness.TV and Instagram. Connecting digitally with other beauty experts and enthusiasts is a constant source of inspiration and growth.