I believe in listening to my clients and utilizing a cocktail-therapy of technology, touch, and love to make their skin and their souls glow

Enna Derry



Being an esthetician is a combination of 3 of my favorite things: science, beauty, and people. As someone who has struggled with reactive and problematic skin – I know the toll it can take. Being able to use my knowledge and expertise to make my clients not only look better – but to help them FEEL better as well, is the ultimate gratification.

Having graduated with merits from the Aveda institute DC instilled in me a foundation of holistic principles based around the power of touch, healthy living, and natural remedies. However, every so often nature requires a little “gentle guidance”. Training with medical grade skincare companies such as Obagi, IS CLINICAL, and Hydrafacial gave me a technological and cosmeceutical advantage that is so important in today’s evolving modern world. By using these experiences coupled with hard work and a little Rescue magic, your skin will look better than ever.

Above all, I believe in the importance of listening to the input of my clientele. In order to administer the most effective possible therapy, I custom tailor each treatment according to the specific needs of each client. This allows me to offer a specially fitted blend of technology, touch, and love that is both form-fitting and gentle on the client. I live to help others realize their beauty to the fullest, to make their skin glow and their souls sing.