Talia Dergunova

“Beauty shines from within, confidence emphasizes it.”


Ukrainian – American Talia, has always lived by a motto, that everyone is beautiful in their own way. She is certain that with healthy life choices, healthy habits in nutrition, right choices in skincare, positive outlook on life, and love in everything you do will shine from within.

Artist, jewelry maker, former fashion merchandising expert, Talia has a artistic view on life. She thinks the same way about esthetics, it is an art. Where we are our own sculptors, and can mold faces accordingly to its needs and desires.  Coming from a lineage of doctors, ever since she can remember a healthy approach on life was her daily motto, which she advocates to all her clientele.

Talia is a firm believer that there is always room for growth, for self advancement, for building more knowledgeable character and professionalism in life, no matter the level of education received.  She continues advancing in the esthetic field, taking different seminars,  classes, and attending beauty conferences a few times a year.